Dell Webcam Center

Dell Webcam Center 2.0

Manages the webcams embedded in some Dell laptops
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Creative Technology Ltd.
Captures images and videos from the webcam and saves them as AVI, JPG or BMP. Includes the motion detection technology and creates cartoon versions of the people, animals and items it films.

Developed by Creative and branded by Dell, Dell Webcam center includes features to maximize your experience with your laptop integrated webcam.
Dell Webcam center has an easy to use and customer friendly interface to perform basic and advanced actions. It supports AVI, BMP, WMV, JPG and JPEG file formats

Besides the basic features such a photo capture and video recording, Dell webcam center has a Motion Detection feature that allows you to record live video if something moves in front of the webcam, also Remote Monitoring will let you take a photo or record video at specific timeframes and then save it on the portable or upload it on a website for reporting, very useful for parents that want to know who used their laptop!.

Time lapsed video let you enjoy long lasting moments in a shorter time by increasing the framerate.

Creative Livecam application is bundled with it, giving you the chance to have fun with its cartoons, animals and people pictures that can be placed on your IM or web conference application and make it interact with your face expressions and movements.

The application has an classic "click on next until you finish" installation process that will install the webcam driver, webcam center and livecam application on one process.

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  • Simple Instalation and Friendly Interface
  • Include most of the best creative webcam software features
  • Shipped with an stand alone drivers CD for easy installation


  • Heavy filesize if you need to download the application
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